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      Discover our small wonder of a university

      Check out our campus tour videos
      The Pride Flag located outside of the Seton Academic Centre

      MSVU response to COVID-19

      Find information on masks, safety measures, and more.

      Things you should know

      2022 student award winners

      Congratulations to our 2022 academic and athletic student award winners!

      Apply to live in Residence

      Attending MSVU in September and looking for a place to live? Apply to live in Residence!

      An apology and our commitment to Indigenous Peoples

      On October 20, 2021, MSVU apologized for its role in the tragedy of residential schools in Canada and shared commitments to Indigenous Peoples.

      Athletics, Fitness & Campus Recreation

      Learn more about:

      Athletics – Mount Mystics

      Mount Fitness Centre & Campus Recreation


      Alumni & Donors

      Stay connected with the Mount and support future students.

      Donate today


      Employment & Careers

      Current academic & administrative career opportunities, info on hiring a co-op student or intern, Career Services, and more.